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Outdoor Program

Outdoor Program


2013-14 Outdoor Program
  • August 23-25 - Whitewater Rafting USNWWC Charlotte
  • September 6-8 - Canoeing Expedition to Camp Campbell
  • October 11-13 - Rock Climbing and Backpacking at Crowders Mountain
  • November 15-17 - Wilderness Survival
  • December 6-8 - Annual Planning at Camp Durant
  • January 11 - Rock Climbing Lock-in at Triangle Rock Club
  • January 25 - Sports Day at YMCA
  • February 7-9 - Backpacking & Hiking at Croatan National Forest
  • February 28 - March 2 - Scout Skills at Camp Durant or Camp Reeves
  • April TBD - Camporee at Camp Durant or Camp Reeves
  • May 2-4 - Sea Kayaking
  • June 13-15 - Backpacking & Hiking at Grayson Highlands
  • June 30-July 6 - Summer Camp at Camp Shenandoah

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BSA Medical Froms
Consistent with the Boy Scouts of America guidelines, Troop 104 youth and adult members must submit a BSA Annual Health Form prior to participating in Troop events.

Troop104 Outdoor Program Planning and Execution
Troop 104’s outdoor program is planned and executed by the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC), and led by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL). The Camping Program is supported by a number of adults, including the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee members, and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs). Two or three ASMs have special responsibilities for the Outdoor Program. These ASMs secure permission to use camping sites; work with the PLC to plan and facilitate a monthly outdoor program; promote, through Troop meetings, attendance at Troop campouts, camporees, and summer camp; and help the Troop meet it’s goal of one outing per month (from Troop 104 bylaws).

Lessons learned (or remembered) from past weekends
  1. Always bring your "outdoor essentials "
  2. Prepare your gear as if hiking/backpacking regardless of the location,unless specifically told otherwise.
  3. Prepare duty rosters for the patrols.
  4. Define a service patrol for cleanup for each meal
  5. Hornets are to be avoided!
  6. Caves are cold and wet. Dress accordingly.

Additional Details
The Patrol Leadership Council (PLC) defines the camping schedule twice a year at the Leadership weekend. Each month the PLC discusses the upcoming camping trips (the current and next month) and conducts appropriate planning. The PLC is also free to change the schedule as need develops through-out their tenure. Once this schedule is in place, the troop executes it per the following guidelines.
Camping ASMs are responsible for the following actions (with the PLC's approval/direction).

On a rotating basis, one of the Camping ASMs acts as the trip leader and performs the followings duties:
  • Makes initial contacts with outing sites.
  • Makes reservations (including ensuring fees are paid by the Treasurer
  • Obtains any tickets/ passes/ etc.
  • Works with Transportation Coordinators to arrange transportation, directions, & tour permits.
  • Plans for the Old Goat Patrol (identifying attending leaders, anoints grubmaster & quartermaster).
  • Point of contact for parental questions.
  • Collects any fees from participants.
  • Identifies any special gear needs & changes from normal "flop & drop" or backpacking approach.
  • Works with Adult Quartermaster to make sure we have the gas tanks and any other gear stored off-site.
  • Arranges for water supply and waste removal.
  • Act on behalf of the Scoutmaster when he is not available.
  • Minimizes adult interference with PLC leadership during trip.
  • Conducts final inspection of site at end of trip.
  • Handle miscellaneous activities required by BSA policy or the policies of the outing site that require an adult's supervision.
  • Ensures we have a safe trip and are prepared for emergencies (medical forms, etc.).
  • Works with Scoutmaster (if present) to deal with any matters requiring an adult's action (discipline, homesickness, medications, etc.)
  • Ensures outing participation records turned into Jay Diepenbrock.


  • One ASM is the Adult Grubmaster
  • One ASM is the Adult Quartermaster responsible for troop gear and adult patrol gear

The SPL & PLC are responsible for:

  • Setting the trip schedule in advance (working with the trip leader to meet transportation needs).
  • Plans the agenda at the PLC (or approves the program depending upon circumstances).
  • Plans all activities including things for scouts of all skill levels (and ages).
  • Obtains a roster from each patrol and provides this to Trip Leader 2 weeks in advance.
  • Obtains a menu from each patrol.
  • Obtains a chore chart from each patrol.
  • Ensures gear is issued to each patrol.
  • Verifies attendance week of the outing.
  • Obtains all supplies necessary for patrol.
  • Loads vehicles.
  • Distributes riders amongst vehicles.
  • Conducts outing according to agenda.
  • Selects campsite, sites tents and cooking area, performs safety inspection, and organizes clean-up at end of trip.
  • Leads activities (exceptions being special program conducted by a subject matter expert).
  • Participates in any planning that effects outing schedule due to emerging circumstances (emergencies, proposed detours, etc.).
  • Plan and lead service project, worship service, campfire, etc.
  • Account & clean gear at end of trip

The exceptions to this approach are trips that involve higher levels of logistical planning with outside organizations such as the Ski Trip, the Summer Camps, trips to Military Bases, etc. The plan is to let the boys run the trips as much as practical. They are given wide latitude to run the trip as they please (including changing the schedule on the fly). We only intervene if the activities become unsafe, infringes on the rights of others in the troop (or outside), result in unfair treatment or hazing of scouts, are not in keeping with BSA or Troop policy, do not promote the good name of scouting, or disrupt the schedule in such a manner as to inconvenience the adult leaders or parents waiting at the Elk's Lodge.


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