New Parent Orientation

Parent Mailing Group

Troop 104 communications occur primarily thru the troop104-parent
mail group on google.com. You must be invited to join this group and once you receive the email invite, you must confirm your addition to the group by clicking on the link referenced in your invitation. You can request to be added to the group by sending an email to the Webmaster.

Registration Fee and Dues

The annual registration fee is $75 which is collected as a prorated amount when a scout joins the troop and renewed in full each December thereafter. Additionally, scouts are expected to pay $1/week in dues for a total of $50 annually. A good explanation of all fees and schedules can be found at Registration_Fees_Explained

Health Forms

  • Every Scouts and Adult who participates on a Troop 104 outing must have a current BSA Medical Form on file (all 3 parts) which has been signed by a physician.
  • Health forms are good for 1 year
  • Scouts and adults who do not have an current medical form on file will not be allowed to participate in outings
  • BSA Medical forms are available on the Occoneechee Council website.


  • The class “A” uniform is shirt, pants, belt, socks, neckerchief, slide (“woggle”), hat
    • 3 digit “104” is $3.50 and is available from the troop (specially ordered, on hand from Scoutmaster)
    • Hats with the troop logo are $10.00
    • No charge for neckerchief or woggle (slide)
  • The class “B” is the blue Troop 104 T-shirt plus pants, belt and socks.
    • Class “B” shirt is $7.50
    • Multiple class "B" shirts are recommended for summer camp
  • Scout Closet
    • Used clothes that have been cleaned and returned to the Troop are available for purchase - $2-$10

Camping Meals("Grub")

Cook Groups

  • Scouts cook by patrol and are usually divided into “cooking units” (4 – 8 scouts)
  • Each cooking unit has a grub master and a quarter master

Grub masters

  • Grub masters collect approx. $2.50/meal from each member of cook unit BEFORE leaving on outing
  • Grub master purchases food for the cook unit (Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday breakfast)

Quarter masters

  • Quarter master is responsible for cook unit / patrol gear
  • Gear is returned cleaned at the next meeting

Monthly Camping Trips

  • Planning meeting held 3-4 weeks prior to the trip
    • Roster is created
    • Cook Groups are formed
    • Activities are planned
    • Food is planned
    • Grub master and quarter master are identified
  • Muster at Elks Lodge, usually 5pm or 5:30pm on Friday. Leave usually at 5:30pm or 6pm
  • Bring “bag dinner” or road food $
  • Bring signed Troop Permission Slips and activity waiver(if applicable)
  • Must be wearing full Class “A” uniform to travel in
    • Bring a gallon zip lock bag to keep uniform clean and dry
    • Bring (or wear underneath) class "B" shirt to change into upon arrival
  • Return to Elks Lodge usually 1pm on Sunday
  • Overnight camping fees paid by troop
  • Participation fees paid by participants when necessary
    • Canoe rental
    • Climbing fees
    • Caving fees
    • Admission fees
    • T-shirts
    • Camporees
  • All Adult leaders have read and are familiar with the “Guide to Safe Scouting”
  • All adults who travel with the troop must complete "Youth Protection" training
  • Water-based activities require a “Float Plan” to be filed along with the Tour Permit

Troop 104 Transportation Policy (Revised December, 2006)

Parents who are willing to drive scouts on monthly camping trips are welcome and much needed. All drivers must provide driver license number, vehicle type (Year, Make, Model), number of seat belts and insurance liability limits that meet or exceed the state limits (recommended at least 50/100/50 or 100 CSL)

Requirements for reimbursement

  • Reimbursement applies to Troop 104 monthly planned campouts only (including summer camp)
  • Distance traveled from Elk’s Lodge directly to campsite and direct return mileage must be greater than 300 miles
  • Vehicle driven on campout must be registered with the troop and included in the list for the BSA required “tour permit”
  • Must have the BSA required automobile insurance coverage
  • Must have a valid North Carolina driver’s license and it should be registered with the troop transportation chair
  • Vehicle driven on campout must provide transportation for 2 or more non-family related Troop 104 scouts/scouters not including the driver (meaning that a family trip to summer camp does not qualify for reimbursement), unless the campout requires a total of only 2 vehicles for transportation in which case only 1 non-family related Troop104 scout/scouter is required per vehicle for reimbursement.
  • Driver must be a Troop 104 scout, scout parent or scout relative, or have a Troop 104 leadership responsibility position as currently registered with the troop


  • Reimbursement in the amount of $30 will be paid by the troop 104 treasurer to each driver providing troop transportation if each and ALL of the above requirements are met without exception
  • Reimbursement in the amount of $35 will be paid by the troop 104 treasurer to the driver carrying a trailer for troop gear provided each and ALL of the above requirements are met without exception AND the trailer is carrying troop gear (that can include scout backpacking and camping equipment)
  • Discretion for reimbursement exceptions will be handled by the troop committee chair

Reimbursement Procedure

  • Each campout meeting the requirements for reimbursement as described above must first be recorded in TroopMaster including the roster of campers, scouts, adult leaders, and transportation providers
  • Once recorded, the current troop scoutmaster or troop committee chair shall request reimbursement from the troop treasurer for each qualifying driver that fully meets each and ALL of the requirements for reimbursement
  • The troop treasurer shall provide reimbursement to each driver within 30 days of the campout return date
  • Reimbursement can be provided by the treasurer to the drivers at regular troop meetings or can be mailed directly to their registered home address

Troop Committee

All parents are invited to participate as voting members of the Troop Committee. Find out more at Troop Committee

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