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Camping can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you'll have in Scouting. However, the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" is never more important than when you are planning and participating in a camping trip.

  • What do you pack?
  • How should you pack?
  • What should you pack in?
  • How much water you should bring?
  • What foods your can cook?
  • How do you prepare for weather events?

The answers to these questions depend on where your going and when. For example, we pack warm weather clothing in trunks for summer camp and thermal underway and cold weather sleeping bags in backpacks for winter backpacking trips. We pack Dutch Ovens to cook fresh deserts on Car Camping trips and carry mini Snickers Bars on Kayak trips.

This section is dedicated to capturing tips, best practices and first hand learning experiences associated with our outdoor camping activities. Everyone who particpates in an Troop 104 Outdoor event is encouraged to post updates based on their experiences. After every trip, ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. What did I pack that I never used?
  2. What did I not pack that I needed?

If you've learned something new, post it to the website!

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